Our private Spanish teachers also teach the indigenous language K´iche, spoken among others in Guatemala´s indigenous communities. The language has its own grammar structures and pronunciation, and it´s not very similar to the Spanish language.

For students going to Guatemala for fieldwork or investigations, or for students dealing with K´iche immigrants abroad, this course of learning K´iche online might be very helpful and interesting.

Our K´iche teacher is a native K´iche speaker, who has developed a great study program to learn this Mayan language online. With the digitalized study materials and online resources you will effectively learn to speak K´iche.

Note: this course is taught completely in Spanish, so we require an intermediate-advanced Spanish level before starting the K´iche course.

We offer a free trial lessen, and study packages of 5, 10, 25 and 50 hours. You can see our rates here.