Beginner´s course

This course for beginners is
perfect if you start learning Spanish from scratch, or when you have a basic or informal knowledge of the Spanish language.

The Spanish lessons for beginners start with the alphabet, numbers, basic vocabulary and greetings. From there we take you to the present tense, studying the regular and irregular verbs in the present tense. We complement this with adjectives and prepositions, so that you can form phrases. In the final phase of the beginner’s lessons you learn how to use the past tense (preterit vs. indefinite time). You will also make a start with the future tense.

Finishing the Spanish course for beginners, you are able to hold a basic conversation, being able to use the present and past tense in combination with basic vocabulary and the right adjectives and prepositions.

Intermediate course

You can start with the Intermediate course if you have previous knowledge of the present, past and future tense, or if you want to reinforce these levels. The intermediate course starts with a quick review of the present and past tense, and you will learn the entire future tense.

You learn new tenses such as the conditional, imperative and reflexive verbs. You will become better with each lesson in understanding Spanish, in more difficult contexts, and you will communicate in Spanish with confidence, using different tenses at the same time.

Having finished the intermediate course, you are confident in conversations, role plays and interviews, and you can follow a large part of tv-shows, songs and other audio.

Advanced course

You start with the advanced
Spanish course if you have studied the tenses from the beginner- and intermediate levels, and if you want to make your Spanish more fluent.

The advanced course teaches you the subjunctive tense, certain linguistic expressions and prepares you to be almost a professional Spanish speaker. Being an advanced student means that you can apply all tenses in the correct context, without thinking about it too much. Your private teacher will work on your pronunciation too, so that you also sound as an advanced Spanish speaker.

Having finished the Advanced Spanish course, you participate with ease in group conversations or discussions, and can express your ideas and opinions with clarity and security.


Superior course

The superior course is when you are an advanced student who wants to achieve to be fluent. The teacher polishes your last mistakes, and prepares you for critical reading, debates, and scientific context. The superior course can also be helpful if you have to write a scientific article or thesis in Spanish.

Having finished the Superior course, you are fluent in Spanish and you communicate and write like a native Spanish speaker.

Conversation lessons

This course is perfect when grammar is not your main focus, but when your interest is being able to communicate in Spanish. The Spanish conversation lessons focus on practicing your conversation skills instead of grammar explanations, so that you can focus on speaking Spanish correctly, and understand people speaking to you in Spanish. Of course the teacher will define your current level, and start from there, to finally speak fluent in Spanish!

Intensive mini-courses

The objective of the intensive Spanish courses is a high frequency of weekly lessons, so that you have a specific result very quickly.

Do you need to study last-minute for an oral Spanish exam? Do you have a job interview in Spanish next week? We help you out! Tell us what you need, and we´ll give you an intensive Spanish boost, focusing on your specific needs.

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