Lesson 1

Lesson 1


Verbs with a change of the root, E becomes IE

Verbs that change E for IE in the root, do that for each person, except nosotros:

Verbs ending with –AR                 Verbs ending with –ER                 Verbs ending with –IR

Pensar (to think)                             Entender (to understand)          Preferir (to prefer)

Yo pienso                                           Yo entiendo                                      Yo prefiero

Tú piensas                                         Tú entiendes                                    Tú prefieres

El piensa                                             El entiende                                        El prefiere

Ella piensa                                          Ella entiende                                    Ella prefiere

Usted piensa                                    Usted entiende                                  Usted prefiere

Nosotros pensamos                      Nosotros entendemos                 Nosotros preferimos

Ellos piensan                                     Ellos entienden                                Ellos prefieren

Ellas piensan                                     Ellas entienden                                Ellas prefieren

Ustedes piensan                             Ustedes entienden                       Ustedes prefieren


Below are some more verbs that are conjugated with this root change.


Verbs ending with –AR                 Verbs ending with –ER                 Verbs ending with –IR


Recomendar (to reccommend)  Entender (to understand)                     Sentir(se) (to feel)

Pensar (to think)                             Perder (to lose)                                Sugerir (to suggest)

Gobernar (to govern)                   Querer (to want)                            Divertir (to amuse)

Comenzar (to start)                       Defender (to defend)                  Consentir (to consent)

Empezar (to begin)                        Encender (to turn on)                   Preferir (to prefer)

Nevar (to snow, only used         Etc.                                                       Etc.

In the third person singular)


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